Your speed-to-cool is basically your personal elevator pitch. It should do is make the person listening think your cool/special, very quickly. For people who’ve accomplished something significant, this is easy. For the rest of us, we have to get creative. We have to identify the one thing about ourself that makes us different, and try to get that across in as few points as possible.

I tried my speed-to-cool on someone last night for feedback and was shot down. I sounded like someone defending myself. It’s difficult to confidently state to someone else, great things about yourself without sounding nervous or cocky. It’s a work in progress, but here’s my updated speed-to-cool:

I’m 24 and I know how to do everything. I can code html, css, php and mysql, all self-taught. I’m proficient at photoshop, and comfortable using illustrator and imovie. I’ve worked at a PR firm, I wrote and submitted Gamerfood’s one press release that resulted in 14 articles from websites that combined generate 500,000 unique monthly visitors; generating 2600 unique visitors in traffic that month. I’ve been making a living as a social media consultant since last September working for startups, bars, and events. I write a blog that has about 800 unique monthly visitors. I’ve hosted and organized over 50 events ranging up to 800+ people including tournaments, fund raisers, musical acts and themed events. I studied finance in college and still surround myself with peers who work for the top investment and consulting firms. If that’s not enough, I’ve spent over 3000+ hours in my life practicing variations of hip hop dance; my high school dance crew placed first place in a national interpretive dance competition in Japan.

How’s that?

Here’s a link to the video from the National Dance Competition:







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