StartupEggs, Similar to Stylate?

I love how I’m constantly bombarded with information that I actually want. I believe it’s because I’m getting better at clarifying what it is I need. This is how I found out about Stylate, a place you can buy domain + logo as one package for about $250.

  1. I shared StartupHen with my close community.
  2. My friend Matt from Masterworks found out about StartupHen.
  3. He recently created a website, (in his words) Startuphen Style.
  4. He shared with me a resource he used to get started – this was Stylate.

StartupEggs was always a portfolio website for StartupHen. The three types of projects we were going to feature were:

  • Original Projects – Created and operated by us.
  • Client Projects – Projects we do for clients.
  • Available Projects – Projects you can buy.

With Available Projects, I was hoping to package a domain, with email addresses, social media accounts, custom logo, branding, and wordpress installed in the hosting. After hearing Matt using Stylate, but not WordPress, I realize I may need to rethink my packaging. I could either:

  • Create one consistent package including domain, email addresses, mailchimp, twitter, and facebook. OR
  • Create a customizable interface allowing users to choose what they want, including WordPress, etc.

When we heard about Matt’s project, we realized that we wanted to feature this on StartupEggs. Which leads us to another type of portfolio project to add on StartupEggs.

  • Created by community.

Perhaps, one of the highlights of StartuEggs should be to feature the actual people who’ve tackled projects.







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