Teamwork makes the dream work (Human Resources) ūü§Ě

Back is a central employee knowledge and management platform. Gather is an HR automation and personalization platform. Workshop is for employee communication. Manage your hybrid workspace with Envoy. There’s a new HR/insurance/payroll-in-one platform called Decent. For recruiting, there’s SeekOut and that uses AI to find and select candidates. Use Suitable to find candidates in your current team’s network. Byteboard is for engineering interviews. For managing the paperwork of remote workers, there’s Remote, Deel, Panther, Portal, and Omnipresent. Use Liquid for vendor and contractor management. Use Roleshare to manage shared roles. Use Accessify to automate employee onboarding. Bitwage let’s employees receive a portion of their wage in digital currencies.

For company retreat planning, there’s Flok. For upskilling your employees, there’s Degreed, an enterprise learning platform. Catch is savings and benefits for the self-employed. Opolis is a member-owned digital employment cooperative. For helping employees relocate, use Avvinue or PerchPeek. Frank is a place for employees to privately discuss culture and pay. Get company swag from SwagUp or Printfection. To build company culture, plan team activities with Onsite, play virtual games at RemoteSocial/CrowdParty/TeamLand, do culture building workshops at Seshie, or play The Hike: a virtual game for remote teams.

Offer stipends easily as a perk with Compt or Fringe. Offer health and wellness perks with Rise. Offer financial consulting as a perk with LearnLux, or offer interest-free rainy day funds as a perk with HoneyBee. Icon is a unified workplace savings, personal retirement, and portfolio management solution.






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