Text Me When My Table’s Ready


You know those restaurant beepers that you’re handed when there’s a wait for the table? The chunky piece of machinery that doesn’t work if you’re too far from the restaurant? Well, entrepreneurs Shawna and Geoffery Simpson are here to save the day with their new start up, Diner Connection.

The idea is simple, rather than being handed a restaurant beeper, you give the restaurant your number and they’ll text you when your table is ready. Considering that everybody seems to have a mobile phone these days, this seems like a pretty obvious idea. In addition, it integrates seamlessly with an interface that allows them to manage waiting lists, take reservations, and gather detailed reports.

Of course, no idea is unique. Both Textaurant and ReadyPing are similar services. While I haven’t looked into the details of each service, I’m biased and support Diner Connection because they launched during a Startup Weekend in Tulsa.

You can read more about Diner Connection on their website or this article from Mashable.






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