The beach at 6AM is crazy yo!


What happens at six in the morning on the beach? Not too much else other than… everything.

Starting at the Venice pier, I’ll take you north. Around the pier, you see old couples both straight and gay holding hands and walking on the beach as if they’ve been doing it for years. Somehow old couples manage to be ugly and cute at the same time.

Heading north, you immediately hit the skate parks. At 6:30am this morning, I swear I saw a bus dropping off about 30 homeless people with all of their belongings and a bike. Come to think of it, the beach is very cold at night, do they sleep somewhere else? If so, who is taking them to the beach in the morning and what did they do to deserve that sort of VIP treatment?

You’ll notice you’re entering the Santa Monica realm when you start to see cute girls running. The numbers only increase as you get closer to the pier. Many of them run on the beach, so when you’re biking around, you don’t get to say hi to as many of them.

Just south of the pier, you’ll notice a group of older men working out on the outdoor gym. They’re doing pull-ups and climbing ropes. It’s amazing what some middle aged men are capable of. I think I also saw a group of 30 people doing a polar dip this morning, right by. That’s when you jump in freezing cold water in the morning to wake yourself up.

At the pier, there were two crews. One is a cleaning crew, picking up trash and brushing the sand off the walkways. The other a film crew, probably shooting a scene for an independent film I’ll never see.

I wonder what time these people go to sleep, and what they do all day.

The image of Santa Monica pier was taken with my iPhone at 6:30am just before sunrise.






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