The Presidential Innovation Fellows

So it was over a year ago, that I decided to write about an Open Data Initiative for Santa Monica. Since then, I’ve connected to others passionate about the idea and have connected with online groups and offline events to discuss Open Government Data.

Open Government Data will increase the country’s understanding and trust in the government, increase transparency in politics, and increase access to government resources.

In an exciting newsletter from Eric Ries’s Lean Startup, I found out about the White House Innovation Fellowship program starting this Summer. The five programs they’re doing are:

  • The Open Data Initiatives Program: Getting entrepreneurs to use government data to create tools and businesses to help the community. You can read more about it on this presentation I put together last fall (at the bottom of the blog post).
  • Blue Button for America: Easy access to your own health information.
  • MyGov: Reimagining the relationship between Federal Government and citizens.
  • RFP-EZ: Developing a process for Federal Government to implement new technologies developed by the private sector.
  • The 20% Campaign: An initiative to implement e-payments into US government programs where possible to save lots of money…

Open Data Overview – Yohei






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