Three Simple Resources for Managing Your Social Media

Notification Control – Managing all of your social media notifications are a hassle. This website doesn’t manage it for you, but the links will take you directly to the page that allows you to set your notifications. Simple solutions are the best.

Bliss Control – Created by the same guys who created Notification Control, this is basically the same website on steroids. You can select a task (e.g.”change your profile photo”) on any social network (eg. “facebook” or “twitter”), and it will take you directly to the settings page that allows you to make that change. Simplicity is beautiful.

Ifttt – A little more complicated than the first two, but astonishingly simple for what it’s capable of doing. Ifttt stands for If This Than That. You can create “if THIS than THAT” functions easily using this website. Lots of examples, I suggest taking a look at the site.






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