Today is National Vodka Day & National Taco Day.

I’ve recently realized that every day is a national day for something. Today happens to be a national day for two somethings: Vodka & Tacos. Who decides on these national occurences? From what I hear, it’s the presidents. I wonder which president decided that National Taco Day should fall on the same day as National Vodka Day, or vice versa.

A tid bit from Toronto Life helped me makes sense of these nonsensical national celebrations:

According to food magazine The Nibble, the president of the United States determines these holidays—which are lobbied for by public relations firms, trade associations, industries, events, etc.—and declares a day dedicated to the food item. It’s pretty much like getting the key to a city or having a street temporarily renamed after a celebrity: a corporate press release hidden under the thin veil of something official and government-sounding.

It’s interesting to note that I found out about National Vodka Day from it being a Trending Topic on Twitter. It seems that nobody knew about it, and that everybody is excited to share this news.

Here’s a question. I understand that PR firms for Vodka companies and bars had the opportunity to create a pitch to blogs, magazines, and newspapers. That’s fine. But how could they take advantage of the fact that everybody on Twitter is talking about it?

If was a website where people could order vodka online for 15% off, and it was actually run by a company like Bevmo, they could have made a killing from this National Vodka Day social media craze.

You live, you learn. It’s vodka day, so cheers.






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