Tracking Your Friend’s Flight From Anywhere

My friend happened to lose his cell phone on the beach this weekend, we’re assuming it’s buried in the sand. He’s flying home to LA today and asked me to pick him up. As far as I can remember, I’ve never had to pick up a friend from the airport who didn’t have a cell phone. So I asked him to send me his flight info so I can keep track of when he was arriving. I was very pleased with the solutions I found.

On the Delta Flight Tracker, I was able to pull up a status table and map by simply typing in the flight number. I found the site by searching “delta flight tracker” on Google.

Delta Flight Tracker Image

Then, I decided to see if I could get this information on my iPhone and searched “flight tracker” in the App store and downloaded the first free app, Trip Tracker, which has 1600+ downloads and a four star rating, and for a good reason. Again, I simply entered his flight number and I’m tracking his flight from my phone.

My only concern? The estimate arrival time is off by a solid 13 minutes. I’m going with the later time.






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