Twitter Accounts That Beer Lovers in Los Angeles Should Follow

The guys over at Beer Geek LA say it best, “more people drinking craft beer in LA = more batches being brewed = more local breweries popping up.”

I’ve compiled a short list of Twitter accounts that I think every beer lover in Los Angeles should follow. Here you go:

1) @labeerweekLA Beer Week is a 14 day celebration of beer culture in Los Angeles, coming up October 10-23, 2011. They have a fairly active Twitter account that retweets events throughout the course of the year.

2) @mybeerfestival – The official Twitter account for various beer festivals in Los Angeles. Most recently, it promoted Bockfest 2011, and is currently promoting St. Patty’s Fest in Hollywood on March 12th, 2011. Their events are generally all you can drink/eat.

3) @beergeekla – The official Twitter account for the Los Angeles Beer Geeks Group. Follow them to find beer, beer events, and beer specials around LA.

4) @thebeerchicksThe Beer Chicks are Christina Perozzi & Hallie Beaune, Beer Sommeliers and Authors of The Naked Pint!

5) @laveganbeerfest – LA’s first vegan beer fest is coming again, June 25, 2011 at The Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip.

6) @mutineermagMutineer Magazine is a nationally distributed fine beverage magazine. They cover beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, water, etc.







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