Upgrades to our AI Capabilities 🦾

We’re continuing to add to our AI suite of capabilities, some of them shared.

  • VC Web Search: Our upgraded VC Expert (Mini Yohei) can answer questions with answers grounded in VC blog posts. You can try it at yohei.ai. You’ll also get an answer from a generic Google search below so you can compare answers.
  • Advanced Chatbot Functions: We build the first GPT-3 based chatbot with advanced capabilities. It can do the web/VC search from above and find similar unicorn startups. We have a private version that can add to our task list, draft an email, search Crunchbase, or even find an email address. You can try the public version at chat.yohei.ai.
  • Upgraded Investment Memo: Upgrades to our memo drafting tool this month include a ProductHunt section which does sentiment analysis on the comments from a startups launch and a BuiltWith section which can show us their tech stack.
  • Bulk Scraper: We built a bulk scraper to scrape the content from 1000+ family office websites into an Airtable, which we’ve used 3 times to build a short-list of targeted family office for portfolio companies fundraising.

Braindump 🧠

Ever feel like you have a lot of ideas and you need to get them out and organized? Introducing Braindump – an iOS shortcut template that takes your voice ramblings, organizes them into neatly formatted notes, and emails them back to you.

To use it, you’ll need an iPhone with the Scriptable app installed. Download this shortcut, update the OpenAI key in the Scriptable step with your API key, and add your email address in the last step.

Other Fun AI Experiments 🧐

We explored the idea of using a large language model as your back-end, first with the Dummy API – an API which you provide context and keys requested. This was built for generating dummy data, but then we realized it can produce real data in some cases…

Which led to building Fuzzy.js, an experimental approach at leveraging GPT-3 as a back-end, communicated via HTML attribute. In your HTML, simply add a “fuzzy” class and define a “fuzzy attribute” (eg. name, address) and the function will automatically populate this with GPT-3 generated data.






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