Voice is Hot

Likely because of the recent Clubhouse investment, I’m noticing a lot of activity in the voice space. I’m seeing more of Chalk, which is similar to Clubhouse but open to all. Clubhouse feels more like a media play, where they focus on courting influencers to become what I’d call the Twitch for conference calls, where as Chalk feels more like a virtual Meetup tool for voice.

Another cute new comer is Cappuccino, which they call a “a daily personal radio show”. It’s kind of like Twitter for audio with the rule that each person can only post one 3 min clip a day. Gossip is another brand new one that’s in beta that’s similar to Cappucino. Eternal is a slick looking game that’s also in beta (download Testflight from mobile) where you jump and fly through a beautifully designed world as an avatar and communicate amongst friends via voice. The closest thing like this for events I’ve seen is High Fidelity, which drops attendees on a 2d map and you can hear people’s voice based on your proximity to them on the map.

On the more professional side of things, there’s a great tool for Podcasters called Descript. It let’s you edit your audio clips simply by editing the auto-transcribed text. For the workplace, Voxer has been around for a bit with their voice messaging app, and Yac seems like a promising update to that concept.






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