VoicePic, an Innovative Photo Sharing App

VoicePic is my first international client, and they release their app on the iTunes store today! Would love for you to try out the app and let me know what you think. Thanks for your support!

App Store Link: http://bit.ly/Lu8dFe
Website: http://voicepic.me/

VoicePic is a brand new photo sharing app, unlike any others you’ve seen. But more importantly, the design is slick and it’s made very well.

Rather than adding filters or text captions, Voicepic allows you to add a five second audio clip, adding a whole new layer to digital photos. Check out the video below:


In a way, it’s similar to the physical Hallmark cards that record your own voice.

I had the opportunity to beta test the app on Wednesday, and I’ve had fun documenting my life using this new medium. I can really imagine my mother enjoying that she can hear my voice, that is if she’s checking my Facebook like she told me she does…






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