Warner Bros’ Accelerator and CAA’s Venture Fund


Warner Bros is launching MediaCamp in Los Angeles, a startup accelerator focused on the media space. They apparently started up in San Francisco, but quickly realized the media action within the tech space is happening in Los Angeles. It’s where companies like FullScreen, DemandMedia, and ZEFR reside. Not surprising considering LA has the best content creators in the world (aka Hollywood).

The leadership team and mentor group is heavily from Turner/WarnerBros, with some experience at Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Nike combined. It’s a 12-week accelerator program with $20,000 in funding. More importantly, they say “throughout the program, there is potential for commercial agreements.”

One of the key factors for success in a startup economy is the involvement of local established companies. While Los Angeles doesn’t have a Google, Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon, we do have all of Hollywood to tap into. Celebrities are increasingly partnering and investing in startups (Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher). CAA just made an SEC filing to open up a $20M Venture Fund.

Media, Entertainment, and Tech. LA’s startup scene is doing alright.






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