What the MVP learned at LA Startup Weekend.


Wow. LA Startup Weekend was one of the most eye-opening weekends of my life. I want to thank Adam Coomes (co-founger of Infegy), Tyler Koblasa (Founder & CEO of Ming.ly), Avesta Rasouli & Cameron Kashani (Founders of Coloft) for not only putting together the event but being a friend to me throughout. I also want to thank the whole peerlance team for being the best team ever.

We started the weekend on Friday night with some casual networking, food, and beer (I can never resist a keg). Followed by 27 one minute long pitches. I pitched my idea Peerlance (a little buzzed) and was selected as one of the 12 project to be worked on for the weekend. We worked til midnight on Friday (discussed Twarff at Bodega Wine Bar til 2am). We worked 8:45am-midnight on Saturday (danced at Bodega Wine Bar til 2am). Then worked from 8:45am-5pm on Sunday, at which point all 12 projects/presentations were ready to  be presented to the judges. Our amazing dev team created a full working product which you can check out at http://peerlance.com. For more details on the weekend, check out my friend Chris’s posts: Startup Weekend Day 1, Startup Weekend Day 2, Startup Weekend Day 3.

I learned three important things this weekend:

1) Entrepreneurs are not lone wolves. Some people think Entrepreneurs are people who like to work for themselves, which is true. But what’s more true is that Entrepreneurs are people who love working with people they get along with. I hope you read about out why peerlance didn’t launch a company, we were a company.

2) People can do amazing things. When placed in the right atmosphere and surrounded by the right people, we can bring out the best in ourselves.

3) It’s fun to do big things. There’s no better high than when you believe that what you’re doing could potentially change the world.

Check out all the cool businesses that were worked on this weekend on the LA Startup Weekend Blog here and my buddy Stuart’s favorite favorite concepts from the weekend here.






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