What’s Hot in Real Estate?

Traditionally, homes were owned by one entity and used by one family. With fractional ownership and shared usage, this isn’t true anymore. Here are some exciting or interesting startups in the space we’ve come across recently.

Starting with ways to buy a home for yourself, there’s ZeroDown to “try before you buy”, and Divvy which is a fancy new take on the rent to own. Better provides digital home financing services. Haus provides some unique product similar to mortgages. Atmos for custom building your dream home.

NexMe is for booking on demand real estate tours of homes near by. Knock is for self-touring apartments. Trusty is building a Rotten Tomatoes for real estate properties. Breadcrumb is Yelp for apartment rentals. Casa Blanca is building what looks like a Tinder for home hunting.

Looking to rent out? Hostfully is a property management tool for your listings across various sites. Belong if you want long-term residents. Loftium is a hands-off management service, where they’ll rent a portion to someone who manages the short-term rentals. Autohost is a guest screening tool.

Pacaso is for co-ownership of a second home you want to enjoy. Doorvest helps you purchase an investment home. Fintor is for fractional real estate investing, starting as low as $5. Honestly, you can do anything. You can buy residential loans (Peer Street), invest in illiquid commercial properties (Equity Multiple), and so on… find 30 real estate investing platforms on MoneyMade.

Other relevant startups… Nickson does furniture leasing. Starcity has communal co-living facilities throughout the US. Anyplace offers rentals that come with full video conference set up (including mic & green screen!). Silvernest has home sharing matching and support services. Culdesac is building a car-free neighborhood from scratch in the US.






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