When is it acceptable to run in a suit?

I saw somebody running across the street with a suit on today. It looked goofy. He was a regular looking guy with a briefcase in one hand and good posture. But running in a suit can look weird, or out of place. Who do you think you are? James Bond?

Sure, I realize he was probably in a rush. Maybe he was late to something. He probably ran because the crosswalk light was flashing. However, if you’re going to wear a suit, I think you should be able to keep your composure and move at a sophisticated walking speed. It’s as simple as being able to make plans you can comfortably get to, and leave early enough to make it to your appointments or meetings on time with class.

On the other hand, who are we to let society stop us from doing something that’s practical and healthy? Running across the street here and there at opportune moments can save you valuable time. Sure, suits may not be the most comfortable clothes to run in, but we’re not talking about sprinting nor running a marathon.

Finally, if you’re chasing down a terrorist, an assassin, or a par kour stunt man, it’s definitely acceptable to run in a suit.

Wait, what’s the point here?

It should almost never be necessary to run in a suit, but it’s always acceptable, if you have good form.

Photo from Flickr. Thanks Mark Ramsay!






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