Who is Carl Icahn? Apple drama. Suddenly, Comcast is cool.

Yesterday, this billionaire dude Carl Icahn bumped up Netflix shares 14% by announcing that his fund now has 10% stake in the company. Sounds like he’s trying to get the company sold to one of the larger companies providing video streaming, like Microsoft, Amazon, Verizon or Comcast. (link)

Also yesterday, Dave McClure’s 500 Startups announced their fifth batch of portfolio startups. It’s amazing for all the portfolio startups that 500 Startups gets so much media coverage. (link)

Sounds like important Apple execs like Bob Mansfield (Hardware) and John Ivy (Design) didn’t like Forstall (iOS), which is one of probably many reasons he was forced out recently. Sounds like a lot of drama for a well-respected(?) company. (link)

Gmail is rolling out a pop-up composer that looks a lot like a Gchat window, meaning you can navigate your inbox while composing a message. I often have to open new Gmail tabs while composing emails, so I’m stoked about this. (link)

Comcast is opening up all it’s wi-fi hot spots for free in areas that were affected by Hurricane Sandy, so people can communicate with friends and family to let them know their safe. They also just had a great quarter, good for them. (link1, link2)

The founder of Zappos just launched an iOS app called Threadlife, where you mix and match 3 second videos from your life. It actually sounds really cool. (link)






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