Why I Joined Instadat and Why Artificial Intelligence is Badass

It was about two months ago that my friend George invited me to join him on an all-inclusive trip down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The room had been paid for. All that was required of me was to purchase a flight, and I would be sipping on a Corona by the infiniti pool looking over the beach.

As an early-stage startup consultant, I wasn’t making much money. At this time, George was a few months into building Instadat with Sean, the Chief AI Engineer, and needed a website and logo. We bartered a deal where my flight would be paid for, and in return I would design and build their logo and website.

We spent the day working by the pool, sipping on Pina Coladas, and eating plates of sashimi and fried foods. At night, we sipped on glasses of Johnny Walker Black Label filled to the brim served neat, while discussing Instadat‘s goals and ambitions. By the end of the trip, I was convinced to join the company.

Data is stored information. Big data refers to the technology and expertise necessary to store and manage large quantities of data. Algorithms and data analysis allow us to extract knowledge and insight from the data. Artificial Intelligence is the advancement of these techniques, largely based on what we know about the way our brains work.

I’ve been in developer mode for the last two months, working closely with Sean. I’ve been bad at responding to my emails, not going to events, and falling behind on other things in my personal life. On the flip-side, I’m more than proficient at PHP/MySQL, know numerous AI techniques, learning new database languages, and about to start taking AI classes from Stanford online.

Now that we’ve slowly started to release the beta version of TechGenius, I can get back to answering my emails, writing blog posts, and existing on social media again. Make sure to follow Instadat on Twitter and like us on Facebook!






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