Why isn’t everything synced!?!?!?

When I get your number at a bar and put it in my phone, within minutes it’s saved in some cloud (server) somewhere, and is also automatically on my laptop. I can actually find all my contact information from any computer that has internet. This is all thanks to MobileMe, a service from Apple that costs $100/yr. Considering everything else it offers, totally worth it.

That’s not enough.

When I add your email address to my phone, I want that to be in my contacts on my gmail account.

I want to be able to tell whether or not I’m connected to you on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter easily in one place.

I want your company and title to automatically update on my phone and computer when you change it on LinkedIn.

I want facebook profile photos to be synced and uploaded onto the contacts on my phone if I don’t have a picture saved, so I don’t forget who you are if I don’t know you that well.

If I’m friends with you on Facebook and you have your email address on your profile, why isn’t it on my phone? Why isn’t it in my gmail contacts?

Maybe I’m asking for too much. Maybe people just aren’t figuring it out. Maybe I’ll figure it out.






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