Why people use social networking sites.

This post is directly taken from my response to a question on Quora, a Q&A website in which I answer questions about social media marketing.

Q: Why do people engage in social media?

A: This has to do with the evolution of the Internet and it’s usage.

When the Internet first became available to the masses, information was shared from few-to-many. Few people had the technical knowledge or the resources to afford the technical knowledge to create websites.

As the cost of creating content on the web decreased, the information network on the Internet increasingly became many-to-many. It started with people posting on discussion boards and public chat rooms, then people could create full websites and blogs with no technical knowledge.

Eventually, the early social networking sites started to acknowledge relationships between people, creating a filter of information based on people you actually know or have agreed to share content with. This is the new few-to-few model, only possible because your profile and network online act as filters.






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