Why You Should Trust the Government

It seems today that many people don’t trust the government, and for a good reason I guess. However, I’d like to propose that we do trust the government. Why? Because by not trusting the government and telling others not to, you’re making matters worse.

The government, while it has many flaws, is set up so that problems can be fixed. But many of the problems we see today aren’t simply a problem with the government, but rooted in problems with our society. In a democracy, people run the government.

What we need to do is to trust the government and believe that we can work with today’s systems to solve today’s problems. Like with any conflict (in this case between citizens and the government), the best way to solve problems is to develop trust, open communication, and work on a solution together.

Like with any change, this will be slow and difficult. But trust me when I say it’s easier to convince people (in this case the government) to make changes if they believe you have their best interest at heart. So don’t hate on the government.






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