Wild Wild Wealth Management ūüíį

Robinhood. WSB/GME. Crypto millionaires. $5M Republic campaigns. Personal wealth management is no longer just for the rich. First thing you notice is that talking about money is no longer gauche. Stock investing is social on Public.com, or Finary if you want to connect to your brokerage. Commonstock is similar, but more focused on following top investors over friends. Qoore is a mobile app to learn investing, with splashing colors and emojis.

Stockpile¬†let’s you gift stock easily.¬†Bumped¬†rewards you with stock when you shop.¬†Grifin¬†automatically buys stocks where you shop.¬†Overflow¬†makes it easy for charities to receive stock gifts (tax benefits!).

Of course it’s not just about public markets.¬†Alto IRA¬†let’s you invest retirement dollars into alternative assets. Go to¬†Sponsor Fund¬†to invest in PE deals or¬†HoneyComb Credit¬†to loan money to local SMBs.¬†Microacquire¬†is a startup acquisition marketplace.¬†Offpiste¬†is a DeFi based market for pre-IPO futures in startups.

Use¬†EarlyBird¬†to start investing in your kid’s future.¬†Harness Wealth¬†and¬†Compound¬†offer financial advice and wealth management for founders and employees.¬†TaxBit¬†is tax software for crypto.¬†MoneyMade¬†is a place to find and compare alternative investment platforms, like¬†Pacaso¬†for fractional real estate investing or¬†YieldStreet¬†for fractional art and more.






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