Yéiyo Brings Mobile Commerce to Events


Yéiyo’s new app offers exclusive discounts at events.

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 6th, 2012) – Finally, the digital efficiencies of mobile commerce meet the physical engagement of event marketing. That’s what a new Los Angeles based startup Yéiyo promises with their new app, allowing businesses to easily provide time- and location- exclusive discounts at events.

There’s no question that mobile commerce is on the rise. Apps like eBay and Amazon are raking in cash, so it’s no surprise that mobile commerce is expected to reach $119B by 2015. The problem, as pointed out by Gary Schwartz in his book The Impulse Economy, is that businesses still view it as a mini version of e-commerce, ignoring the mobility and user experience unique to mobile.

Yohei Nakajima, founder of Yéiyo, found himself throwing out a stack of flyers from various events one day and realized an opportunity. Sponsors were spending money on events to attract customers, but were failing to convert them on location. People don’t like standing in line to purchase things, and they don’t want to carry around a bag full of products. “Why don’t we let event-goers purchase products directly from their phones,” Yohei thought, “and offer them a discount for making a purchase during the event.”

Yéiyo’s deals are only available to people who attend an event, so brands can offer deeper discounts than they would ever offer publicly online. There’s no need for inventory, handling transactions, and it’s free to set up.

Yohei believes that experiential marketing is the future of retail. “Buying wine at a grocery store by yourself is unacceptably boring; I’d much rather go wine tasting with my friends. If we can increase the ROI of events for brands, there’ll be more events for us to enjoy.”

It sounds like Yohei just wants everyone to get drunk and party.

About Yohei Nakajima

Yohei is a Tokyo-born Seattle-raised entrepreneur living in Venice, California. He studied Economics, Finance, and Leadership at Claremont McKenna College and since then has been working closely with tech startups and social entrepreneurs in LA. His passion is bringing people together through events, which he enjoys as a guest, a host, and a speaker at times. You’ll find him biking on the beach or working out of coffee shops and coworking spaces.

About Yéiyo

Yéiyo is a Venice based startup whose mission is to increase happiness around the world by strengthening community. Events bring people together, and therefore strengthen community. Brands sponsors events, making it possible. Yéiyo’s solution to increasing happiness around the world is to increase the ROI of events for brands, which in turn makes more events possible. This is done by allowing brands to offer exclusive discounts to event-goers through their mobile phones.

For more information, call Yohei directly at 213-308-1799, email him at me@yoheinakajima.com, or visit the website at www.yeiyo.com.






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