You Know You’re From Seattle If You…


1) … Love Coffee. It’s no secret that Seattle people like Coffee. It’s the home of Starbucks, the largest coffee house company in the world with over 16,858 stores in 50 countries. Starbucks has over 11,000 stores in the United States alone. Other major coffee chains, like Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf, Caribou Coffee, Tully’s, and Seattle’s Best Coffee each have less than 1000 stores in the US. Seattle’s Best Coffee is a subsidiary of Starbucks, and Tully’s is also from Seattle.

2) … Love the Outdoors. REI is a privately held American retail corporation organized as a co-op, with over 2 million consumer-owners. The company sells outdoor recreation gear via some 110 retail stores, catalogs, and the Internet; it opens four to six new stores each year. It’s been ranked in the Top 100 Companies to Work For by Fortune Magazine since 1998.

3) … Love Work. REI, Nordstrom, Microsoft, and Starbucks are all companies that have been listed multiple times as the Top 100 Companies to Work For by Fortune Magazine (2010). Seattle people are good people, and can create companies with good culture. Maybe? On top of that, Nordstrom is known as a standard for customer service.

4) … Know People in the Internet/Computer Industry., Inc. is America’s largest online retailer, with nearly three times the Internet sales revenue of the runner up, Staples, Inc. (source). Expedia, Inc. operates several travel brands inlcuding,,, Egencia, TripAdvisor, Expedia Local Expert, Classic Vacations and eLong (source). And then there’s Microsoft.

5) … Don’t Enjoy Shopping. Costco allows you to buy in bulk so you need to shop less often. Amazon let’s you buy everything from home. Nordstrom gives you the best customer service, which makes it acceptable.






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