44 Tips To Live Life Better.

Within a week, most people will start thinking about their new years resolutions. What will you write down? New years resolutions don’t have to be a big change, rather, I suggest having a few easy resolutions that will make a big difference in your life. I’ve listed 44 examples below for you below.

1) Never leave clothes where they’re not supposed to be.
2) Throw out old things you don’t need immediately.
3) Keep your fridge/freezer clean.
4) What you take out today, put away today. Like scissors, brooms, and dishes.
5) When you’re busy, write down everything you need to do.
6) Think of puns in your every day life. Put a smile on your face.
7) Carry around a notepad. Or start using your phone to take notes.
8 ) Stop watching tv while doing other things. Your brain doesn’t work that way.
9) Stop comparing yourself to others.
10) Write down your emotions, like in a diary. It’s healthy.
11) Take your time when you’re in a rush.
12) Keep track of what you eat.
13) Add new vocabulary to the way you talk.
14) When in doubt, choose the riskier option. Be brave.
15) Hang out by yourself in public more often. This will make you more comfortable with yourself.
16) Get appropriate rest.
17) Add some plants to your home.
18) Wake up when the sun rises.
19) Walk more.
20) Give up less easily.
21) Draw more.
22) Sing & dance when you’re sad.
23) Count lucky occurrences.
24) Laugh for 5 minutes in front of the mirror.
25) Keep better posture.
26) Drink more water.
27) Stop eating fast food.
28) Stretch more often.
29) Congratulate yourself more often.
30) Look at your naked self in the mirror more often. Learn to appreciate your body.
31) Chew your food more before you swallow.
32) Compliment strangers more often.
33) Listen better.
34) Be more memorable when meeting people for the first time.
35) Don’t hesitate to say no when you don’t feel like doing something.
36) Make up white lies more often.
37) Keep your house clean enough to invite guests at all times.
38) Be courteous to strangers. Say “please” and “thank you” to store clerks and customer service.
39) Stop pretending like you know more about a subject than you do. You miss out on hearing what others have to say.
40) Keep emails short.
41) Share positive emotions with others more often.
42) Practice putting your emotions into words.
43) Prioritize expressing gratitude. Send thank you letters and emails promptly.
44) Arrive early to meetings.

Many of these tips were borrowed from a Japanese book titled “キッパリ!






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