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  • Change is slow

    When looking to permanently change the physical shape of hard materials, it often requires an additional ingredient to be added first (eg. heat, water), then you work the material slowly and gradually, and finally let it rest. If you skip adding the necessary ingredient, work the material too fast, or don’t let it rest, it […]

  • An exercise in understanding the impact of new technologies.

    The effect of new technologies are difficult to understand. I think we’re still learning a lot about how social media influences the world today, which is an extension of how the internet affects us – both of which might not seem that new to us. Today, some of the newest topics we’re discussing are blockchain, […]

  • Live an Epic Story

    We all die and our bodies are handed back to Mother Nature. What is left of us then? I have a little booklet I keep for an exercise I call “You are who you’ve met.” It lists everybody that’s had an effect on who I am and one sentence about what I learned from then. […]

  • Celebration Nation

    We are the citizens of celebration nation, we walk this world with an attitude of gratitude, our friends and foes, from their head to their toes, every single mood, every type of food, every day of the year, both love and fear, both sun and rain, both pain and gain, we thank them all, ’cause […]

  • What Is “The American Dream”?

    Guy Kawasaki suggests that startups ditch the mission statement and instead have a mantra, a phrase with three or four words. It’s purpose is to help employees truly understand why the organization exists. A mantra creates a cohesive context for discussion, helps drive decision-making, and is a constant reminder of a shared goal. The United […]

  • The 7 Questions That Tell You Who You Are

    I like the 7 questions posed on this Thought Catalogue article titled The 7 Questions That Tell You Who You Are. I know my answers to these questions may have been different a year ago, and may be different a year from now. That doesn’t mean that answering these questions isn’t a good exercise. It’s […]

  • What Cooking, Burning Man, and SnapChat Have In Common

    My roommates make fun of me because I sometimes spend 30 minutes cooking a meal I devour in 5 minutes. I tell them I’m celebrating the temporary nature of art. I was introduced to this idea at Burning Man last year when I saw five story structures being burned to the ground. People spend months […]

  • Amazing Video That Will Make You Want to Live and Experience Life.

    This 3 minute video got me pumped about being alive. I hope it does the same for you.

  • Everything is a Remix

    I just found out Eminem’s song publisher is suing Facebook and it’s ad agency, saying that in their recent ad, they stole his beats from “Under the Influence.” Then, the ad agency is saying Dr. Dre took the beat from Michael Jordan’s “Give It To Me.” Listening to all three, you’ll find the similarities uncanny. […]

  • What is mindfulness?

    Practicing mindfulness is not necessarily about putting aside time to meditate. It’s about learning to switch on-and-off your ability to live in the moment. Even if you have 1000 things to do at work, if you’ve set aside one hour to enjoy dinner with your friend, can you forget about work and engage fully with […]