7 Simple Productivity Tips Backed By Science

Here’s 7 productivity tips I like from the Buffer blog. Read the original article if you want to know more about any of these. For me, just simply glancing through the 7 key points is enough to inspire me.

  1. Help someone today – it will make you happier and more productive.
  2. Develop a daily routine.
  3. Deal with something only once.
  4. Take a nap.
  5. Keep a journal with you at all times.
  6. Learn to use the word “no” more effectively.
  7. Avoiding the snooze button once and for all.

In case you didn’t realize, my blog is my “journal”. It’s good for keeping track of things that inspire me or resources I want to go back to. Unfortunately, it’s not great for keeping track of all the things I’m doing or working on because I can’t share everything I do at work (I really wish I could, and some day will definitely be doing this).






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