Artificial Intelligence, How Prevalent Is It?

It’s out there, but not everywhere. Within 10 years, we’ll see it applied to most businesses.

Want to see if it’ll apply to your business? Hit up Instadat, an Artificial Intelligence startup in Los Angeles. Yeah, you heard that right.

Letting the Machines Decide (Wall Street Journal) – New wave of investment firms look to ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in trade decisions. [July 13, 2010]

Artificial Intelligence Goes Mobile (Business Week) – Companies working on AI include IBM, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Google, Apple, AT&T, and Spring Nextel. [Sept 10, 2010]

Artificial Intelligence is the Next Step in Search, and Everything Else (Forbes) [June 20, 2012]

Navy eyes artificial intelligence to automate decision making on ships, sensors, and weapons (Military Aerospace) [June 22, 2012]

Man or Machine? (Wall Street Journal) – Ray Kurzweil on how long it will be before computers can do everything the brain can do [June 29, 2012]






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