What Cooking, Burning Man, and SnapChat Have In Common

My roommates make fun of me because I sometimes spend 30 minutes cooking a meal I devour in 5 minutes. I tell them I’m celebrating the temporary nature of art.

I was introduced to this idea at Burning Man last year when I saw five story structures being burned to the ground. People spend months creating art, only to destroy it. Sharing the moment of destruction with tens of thousands of people is a moving experience that can’t be described in words.

Then I realized, while on a smaller scale, SnapChat celebrates the same thing. My favorite snaps that I receive from friends are well-conceived and sometime staged. The fact that they captured this moment in this temporary format, makes it more beautiful. They could have taken a photo/video they could rewatch later.

Cooking, Burning, and SnapChat all celebrate the temporary nature of art. What else does?

Update: My friend Mariana pointed out that fireworks and orgasms should also join this list. Agreed.






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