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  • Why You Should Follow Your Heart, Not Your Brain

    Following your heart is the smart thing to do. Because when people tell you to follow your heart, what they’re really telling you to do is to allow your subconscious to make decisions for you. Your subconscious is the part of the brain that’s not your frontal lobe, considered responsible for self-control, planning, and reasoning. […]

  • The Way Things Change and Stay The Same

      “Today is the day” says the hard working bee. “What is today?” asks the tall sunflower. “Today is the day, I told myself, I get to fly over the meadow, and enjoy my work, which I diligently do, to provide for my family, and benefit the world.” “You did that yesterday, and the day […]

  • The Current System of Education is Destroying Our Creativity

    My roommate showed me this video a few weeks ago, and I came across it again today. Finding the compelling need to share this with as many people as possible, I’m sharing it with you now. This video is an animated adaptation of a talk given at RSA (the Royal Society for encouragement of Arts, […]

  • Facebookian Philosophy

    This blog post depicts my internal struggle to understand why and how I use Facebook. I recently asked a pretty serious question on Facebook and received a very satisfying answer: Q: Do your actions define who you are? Or does who you are define your actions? A: It depends how you’re looking at it. If […]