The Current System of Education is Destroying Our Creativity

My roommate showed me this video a few weeks ago, and I came across it again today. Finding the compelling need to share this with as many people as possible, I’m sharing it with you now.

This video is an animated adaptation of a talk given at RSA (the Royal Society for encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) by Sir Ken Robinson called Changing Education Paradigms. He gives a very compelling argument to why we need to drastically change our current education system by looking at both the history and current practices of education. It’s important to note that he doesn’t provide an answer.

The following are some of my favorite quotes/thoughts/facts:

– How do countries pass on their heritage and culture while being a part of globalization?
– The current education system was designed & conceived for a different age, specifically the intellectual culture of the enlightenment.
– The public education system was at one point revolutionary, but the current definition of academia is outdated, resulting in some brilliant people believing they are incapable.
– The arts especially address the idea of aesthetic experience, when your senses are operating at their peak, when you’re present in the current moment, when you’re resonating with the current thing that you’re experiencing, when you are fully alive.
– Education is modeled in the interest of industrialization and the image of it.
– We still educate children by batches. We put them through the system in age groups. Why do we have this assumption that the most important thing in common is how old they are? It’s like the most important thing about them is their date of manufacture.
– Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value.
– Divergent thinking is an essential capacity for creativity. It’s the ability to see many answers to a question, lots of different ways to interpret a question, to be able to think laterally, as opposed to linearly or convergently.
– How many uses can you think of for a paper clip?






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