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  • Aromatherapy for Entrepreneurs

    Need to focus, concentrate, or memorize things? Surround yourself with Rosemary. Want to get a room to start thinking creatively? Use Clove Oil, which stimulates the mind, and combine it with citrus aromas, which elevates mood. While there doesn’t seem to be many large scale studies that “prove” the effectiveness of aromatherapy, we do know […]

  • It’s Hard to Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt

    It sounds like a stereo type to say that as I get older, I find less variety in the types of clothes I want to wear. This makes it increasingly difficult to remember the articles of clothing and accessories that I used to possess. Sunglasses and watches are the two things I can’t get myself to purchase, […]

  • What You Deserve

  • We Are Connected, We Are Gods

    Two inspiring and interesting videos popular amongst my friends on Facebook.

  • Good Advice

    Before you act, listen. Before you react, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try. Ernest Hemingway

  • Blind Optimism

    What you see as anger, I see as passion, what you see as sorrow, I see as emotion, what you see as hunger, I see as incentive, what you see as envy, I see as a self-learning, what you see as fights, I see as misunderstandings, what you see as awkward, I see as funny, […]

  • 44 Tips To Live Life Better.

    Within a week, most people will start thinking about their new years resolutions. What will you write down? New years resolutions don’t have to be a big change, rather, I suggest having a few easy resolutions that will make a big difference in your life. I’ve listed 44 examples below for you below. 1) Never […]

  • A Religion About Religion

    There was a long time in world history where religious groups believed they couldn’t live in harmony. We’ve come a long way since then. However, the result is that some people are left out of religious communities, in part due to what’s commonly referred to as the paradox of choice. The idea is that when […]

  • Life After College is Like College

    Your 20’s is like your Freshmen year. You go into it thinking you know everything, after all, you were just a senior last year. Then, you realize you don’t really know anything. You stress out a little bit because you feel lost, so you rush to find yourself a community. Some of us want to […]

  • Stoop Talks

    This poem is inspired by an actual stoop talk with a friend, late last night: I like conversations that happen on a stoop, Cause you can be alone, or sitting with a group, You can be sober or you can be drunk, But a stoop talk with a friend will get you out of your […]