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  • Change is slow

    When looking to permanently change the physical shape of hard materials, it often requires an additional ingredient to be added first (eg. heat, water), then you work the material slowly and gradually, and finally let it rest. If you skip adding the necessary ingredient, work the material too fast, or don’t let it rest, it […]

  • Launching – a search engine that only shows results from trusted VCs

    When asked questions by founders, I often send them articles from VCs who’ve said it better than I could. I always wished there was an easy way to search just content from blogs by VCs. When James Augeri told me about his new startup Jingle last Thursday, I asked if he could help set this […]

  • Graduation Rate of Seed to Series A in Major US Cities

    I randomly became curious about the graduation rate of startups from seed round to Series A round, specifically around the context of cities. I thought this might actually be more interesting to look at than total $ invested, or total number of rounds. For the analysis, I looked at 6 major cities: SF, LA, Seattle, […]

  • Creating Wealth Through Sustainability

    In 2017 alone, Bitcoin created massive value for early investors in it – billions of dollars. This made me think – did Bitcoin really create that much value for society? Where does this wealth come from? Can wealth be created? Or is wealth a zero sum game? My gut says it is. I leaned on […]

  • Venture Capital News – May 19, 2017

    AngelList is funding the minor leagues of venture capital (and giving founders $500,000 to start) AngelList continues to disrupt the venture capital industry. Here’s how they are turning operators into venture capitalists. Here’s how likely your startup is to get acquired at any stage Survival rate and acquisition rate of startups based on fundraising round. […]

  • The Ying and Yang of Love and Hate

    I’ve read a lot about love and hate these past few days, as if one is good and the other is bad. Love and hate, however, are two sides of the same coin. If you hate globalization, you probably love your country. If you love Hillary, you probably hate Trump. If you love love, you probably […]

  • Balance

    Be visionary, yet practical, liberated, yet grounded, efficient, yet patient, organized, yet flexible, confident, yet humble, curious, yet content, critical, yet positive.

  • 100+ Practical Cognitive Exercises

    I use the term cognitive exercise to encompass all activities that “exercise” the brain, including meditation, self-hypnosis, and diary-writing. The brain is a like a muscle, or a collection of muscles, just like your body. Similarly, you have to train these different muscles with exercise. There are many parallels between physical and cognitive exercise. You have to do […]

  • 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

    As you may know, I like writing down 10 New Year’s Resolutions and posting them on the wall in my bedroom by the door. It’s a constant reminder for myself throughout the year. This year, I kept my resolutions simple. Less specific means I won’t “finish” anything in particular, but my goal here is “progress, […]

  • How to solve every major problem in the world.

    TL;DR – have our kids do it. Every major problem in the world – hunger, poverty, environment, etc. – is rooted in a complex system of intertwined systems: culture, politics, economics, and so on. I assume there are major problems we have yet to realize (or accept as a society), but let’s focus for now […]