It’s Hard to Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt

It sounds like a stereo type to say that as I get older, I find less variety in the types of clothes I want to wear. This makes it increasingly difficult to remember the articles of clothing and accessories that I used to possess.

Sunglasses and watches are the two things I can’t get myself to purchase, unless for $10 on a boardwalk.

My first watch was a Citizen, which my mother had bought me as a high school graduation gift. It was a beautiful gold watch I loved and wore around for about three years.

My dream watch though, was the Movado, which my mother bought me as a college graduation gift. I’d wanted this watch for many years; by the time I went to college, I’d probably tried every watch at the Movado shop in Bellevue Square (I used to dress up and spend time at Movado trying on watches).

That watch decided to move on within about a year of living with me. It broke my heart, and I haven’t been able to purchase a watch since.

I’ve also had to say bye to two pairs of lovely sunglasses I wish I were still friends with. They were both Ray Ban’s. The more recent one was the cockpit, which I bought my sophomore year of college. I don’t remember our relationship lasting more than 6 months.

I’ve recently started falling in love with Shwood, which makes wooden sunglasses, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for a new relationship.

There’s a part of me that tells me to continue rocking $10 sunglasses, but I want to grow up.






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