LEEAP: Los Angeles Startup Ecosystem [Video]

My friend Simon Walker is doing a project called LEEAP where he travels the world’s top 10 startup ecosystems and interviewing prominent individuals to get a sense of how the cities differ from each other. He stopped by LA a few weekends ago and put together this 20 minute video for us:

*featuring yours truly for a few seconds at 10:46

Interesting Fact: Of the 11 total people in this video, 3 of them are Claremont McKenna College alumni. Can you figure out which ones?

These insights on the LA startup scene are brought to you by:

Jason Calacanis, Founder, CEO at Mahalo
Mike Jones, CEO at Science
Sean Ellis, CEO of Qualaroo
Kevin Winston, Founder of Digital LA
Shirin Salmnia, Founder of Pley Werks
Anneke Jong, VP of Business Development at Bre.ad
Rob Lambert, Co-founder of SiliconBeachLA.com
Dan Dato, Co-founder of Cross Campus
Yohei Nakajima, Program Director at Coloft Academy






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