Life After College is Like College

Your 20’s is like your Freshmen year. You go into it thinking you know everything, after all, you were just a senior last year. Then, you realize you don’t really know anything. You stress out a little bit because you feel lost, so you rush to find yourself a community. Some of us want to get pulled up the social ladder so we befriend those who are older. Other simply stick to befriending people in our class – people who have generational pride. Neither choice is wrong nor right, just different.

Your 30’s is like your Sophomore year. You’re feeling comfortable with your lifestyle. You know where to find what. This is about the time you might realize that you don’t necessarily want to study what you studied in High School. You’re excited to have a new class of Freshmen you can show around and teach things to. By this time, you’ve probably bounced around a few communities and settled in with one you like. While you feel somewhat equal to people older than you, you know they still think you’re young. If you befriended the oldest people your Freshmen year, they may not be around to hang out with.

Your 40’s is like your Junior year. You have friends who are both older and younger than you, but they’re not really friends with each other. It’s about this time you wonder if you’ve spent your college years wisely, and might decide to take on some extra curricular activities or difficult classes to boost your knowledge and resume. By the end of your Junior year, you’re really thinking about how you should spend your last year in college.

Your 50’s is like your Senior year. You know what’s up. Some younger people look up to you regardless of who you are or what you’ve accomplished. Some people will work really hard because they know it’s almost over, and others will start goofing off for the same reason. While you’re not disappearing yet, you might as well say bye to the people you’re not necessarily fond of.

Being past 60 is like being an Alumni. No rules apply to you. You can do whatever you want. You can chime in on important decisions and have people listen to you without them expecting you to actually do any work. You only have to hang out with people you want to. You talk about your glory days all the time – people only want to listen if you’re a good story teller.

So if you’re still in your Freshmen year, make sure you meet as many people as you can, try taking a variety of classes, and try out some extra curricular activities. Find out all the opportunities this campus called “the real world” offers you, because you don’t want to graduate with regrets.






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