MicroVentures is a Securities Broker and Crowdfunding Platform

The crowdfunding law was just passed, but MicroVentures has been raising money for startups through a similar process for over a year. They’ve successfully raised money for funds that invest in larger tech startups on secondary markets. For example, they raised $300,000 for Facebook last year. Other portfolio companies include Yelp, 500 Startups, and Tech Stars.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of new services they offer after the new crowdfunding law passes.

The secondary market for startup equity is also growing. Last year, Private stock transaction dollars amount grew 73% on SecondMarket, only one of a few platforms that offer this sort of service.

I believe the growing interest in incubators and accelerators, crowdfunding platforms, and secondary markets signify the maturing of an investment field that has until recently been very decentralized and private.






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