My Build-in-Public Log

Yohei’s Build-In-Public Log ⚙️

I shared some of our recent AI experiments last month. As we continued to experiment, wanted an easy way to share this with fellow builders. Jump to, and filter by category, tutorials, and more.

Here are some highlights from this past month:

Pitch Deck Parser 🔍

Calling this out specifically due to how amazing it is. We’ve built a tool that can do the following based on a pitch deck:

  • Scrape the deck for text
  • Create summary of key points (description, team, traction)
  • Provide structured data (eg. funding target as integer)
  • Categorization (eg. industry)
  • Google search (eg. market size of industry)

We’ve tested pulling this data into our due diligence tool to further provide risks, relevant trends, business model, relevant trends, and more. This is built-in today into our CRM, and we’re currently talking about creating a unique founder experience on top of this, which leads us to…






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