My Thoughts on God

If you observe a colony of ants, you’ll find that they work together as if they were one organism. If you put a certain number of ants together, they’ll start acting like a colony, taking on individual roles that relate to the whole. The way ants communicate is similar to the way our neurons communicate, a colony of ants can be seen as one big brain.

The beauty here is that no single ant knows or needs to know what the goal of the whole colony is, they simply do the task that’s right for them, and the colony will (at least to each individual ant) magically survive.

Groups of people do the same thing, in a business, in a school, and in a family. If you take a step back, you’ll see that cities, states, and countries do the same. Step back even further and you’ll find that the human species works in sync, much like a colony of ants.

If you step back even further, every animal, plant and living organism is part of one big colony that acts as if it’s one organism, fighting for its survival. The “thoughts” of this one big organism that encompasses all living things, is what I call the collective conscious, and what I believe many people consider God.

Much like an ant in an ant colony, no individual human, animal or plant knows or needs to understand what the big picture goal is, they just have to do what seems right to them, and everything else will magically fall into place.






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