Stats About Facebook Ads: Click-Thru Rates (CTR) & Cost Per Click (CPC)

What’s a good Click Thru Rate (CTR) for Facebook ads?

A CTR is calculated by dividing the number of times your ad has been shown to people (impressions), by the number of times people clicked on the ad.

  • Optimal CTR: 0.11%-0.16%
  • Above Avg CTR: 0.07%-0.09%
  • Average CTR: 0.04%-0.05%
  • Below Avg CTR: 0.02%-0.03%
  • Poor CTR: 0.01%

Ad placements in Newsfeed get 1-7% CTR.

Source: Andrew McDermott on Quora

What’s the average cost-per-click (CPC) for Facebook ads?

  • Facebook advertisers see an average CPC of $0.80.
  • Ads driving traffic to links outside Facebook saw an average CPC of $1.08.
  • Ads driving traffic to links within Facebook saw an average CPC of $0.70.

Source: Social Fresh survey

Also, here‘s a good Quora article on how to drive down CPC rates on Facebook. It’s also good to know that your past performance (CTR) is the most important factor. Here’s the simple math:

See, every Pay Per Click campaign is a gamble for Facebook. Every time a PPC ad is shown and not clicked Facebook is losing money. This puts engaging advertisers in great demand.

For instance, a campaign with a click-bid of $1 from an advertiser who is averaging a .05% CTR is worth LESS to Facebook than an advertiser who averages .15% with a $0.34 bid.

Source: How are CPC and suggested bids calculated? on Quora






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