Testing Facebook Ads

I’m currently learning to test Facebook ads. I had a few ads run week, but they had horrible click thru rates (CTR), time to get aggressive with testing. Before I start just setting up ads like I did last week, this week I’m first documenting a logical process for doing this. So here we go:

1. Decide on a destination.

In my case, I want to first start running ads that get a decent CTR, so I’m sending them to the homepage URL. I’ll be using the Google URL builder to track the campaigns in Google Analytics, but that comes later.

2. Decide on a budget.

How much are you willing to spend total? What’s your daily limit? Plan on spending at least $250 if you want to see results (according to sources – sorry no link).

I’m testing with a daily ad budget of $50, which may be low. My hope is that I’m currently only testing and once we see better results, we’ll put more money in.

3. Decide what to test.

You can test too many things on Facebook ads. You can test the headline, copy, and image of the ad itself, and there are 10 targeting options you can test too. Testing everything at once doesn’t make sense, because you have no idea what’s working and what’s not.

Since I have a pretty good sense of who I’m targeting, I’ve decided to keep that locked in and test the ad headline and image only. Since I’m testing two of each, that results in 4 different variations of the campaign. Should be a good start.

4. Set a max CPC bid.

I’ve read in multiple places that it’s a good idea to set a higher max CPC on your ads so they get approved and shown faster and more often. Then, once you have a decent CTR (of over .15%), then you can drop the max CPC and let it ride. If you can’t get above .15% CTR, drop the ad.

5. Check daily, drop underperforming ads, add new tests.

This strategy from Quora. Makes sense, yeah? Wish me luck!







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