Aromatherapy for Entrepreneurs

Need to focus, concentrate, or memorize things? Surround yourself with Rosemary.

Want to get a room to start thinking creatively? Use Clove Oil, which stimulates the mind, and combine it with citrus aromas, which elevates mood.

While there doesn’t seem to be many large scale studies that “prove” the effectiveness of aromatherapy, we do know a few things about how it might work.

Your nose is part of what’s called the Olfactory system, which translates the activation of receptors in your nose (which happens when you smell things), and converts them into electrical signals.

What we do know is that this system sends these signals to parts of your brain often associated with social interaction and emotional learning (Amygdala), and memory formation, consolidation, and optimization (Entorhinal Cortex).

Regardless of how different aromas might affect the brain, it seems to make sense (based on what we know about how the brain is wired) that the activation of smell receptors in our nose increases activity in parts of the brain that are responsible for memory, which would, during that time, increase our ability to memorize things efficiently. Following this logic, it seems safe to assume that being surrounded by good smells make us better at social interactions.

Since we know Placebo’s are effective, it’s only logical to surround ourselves with great aromas, notice when it’s positively affecting us, and ignoring it when it doesn’t.

Overtime, surrounding yourself with good aromas will both increase your memory and comfort in social interactions.

I rubbed some Bergamot oil on my hands about an hour ago. It smells like tangerines.







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