Author: Yohei

  • A quick deep dive into recent AI tools

    GPT-3, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and more… what are these? You’re going to see the three letters LLM a lot over the next sixth months, kick started by OpenAI’s release of GPT-3 and DALL-E. More specifically, the release of their newest “davinci” model within GPT-3 and DALL-E 2. Both of these have shown a huge jump ahead of it’s […]

  • Mini-Yohei Can Now Write Blog Posts!

    Mini Yohei is an AI bot that I am training to scale my ability to help founders. I haven’t written a blog post about him yet, but he’s been alive for a few days on Twitter if you want to check him out. Below is a blog post written by Mini Yohei about his ability […]

  • New & Interesting Startups (and trends)

    This is a collection of articles from the blog that specifically cover interesting startups and trends we notice in the early-stage startup market: Mar 2021 [Web3] – 150+ Web3 Startups Oct 2021 [Web3] – Web3 Tools: Beyond the JPEGs Sept 2021 [NFTs] – WTF is happening w NFTs right now? Aug 2021 [Real Estate] – […]

  • Raising a Venture Capital Fund

    We closed our fund 1 for Untapped Capital! When we started, we be benefited greatly from content shared by other VCs like Elizabeth Yin. We wanted to do the same, so analyzed our fundraising data to share with you. Let’s dig in 👇 As a caveat, every firm’s journey is different, so this is at […]

  • 150+ Web3 Startups

    In case you missed it, I wrote a tweet thread recently that covered 130+ interesting web3 startups. I know we’ve covered web3 startups plenty, but the opportunity of innovation here is hottest right now, so here’s another 20+ startups! We covered The Graph previously, an indexing protocol for ETH and IPFS. Bitquery is similar, but for 30+ blockchains. Then you […]

  • Web3 Tools: Beyond the JPEGs 🐇

    I know I already covered NFTs in March and September, but alas – this is where I spent this last month so here we go again! In preparation for my PixelBeasts project, I sat down to play around with the Metamask (wallet) and OpenSea (marketplace) API to see if I could build some utility – the industry term for the various benefits of owning an NFT […]

  • WTF is happening with NFTs right now? 🖼

    I recently covered NFTs in March, but given the activity this past month, I thought it was worth revisiting. To start off, the volume of transactions grew ~10x this month. Transactions on the OpenSea marketplace crossed $3.3B in transaction volume in August, up from $325M in July (source). CryptoPunks, the most expensive collection with 10,000 unique pieces, […]

  • What’s Hot in Real Estate?

    Traditionally, homes were owned by one entity and used by one family. With fractional ownership and shared usage, this isn’t true anymore. Here are some exciting or interesting startups in the space we’ve come across recently. Starting with ways to buy a home for yourself, there’s ZeroDown to “try before you buy”, and Divvy which is a fancy new […]

  • Collaborate good times come on ♫ 🤝

    The rise of hybrid/remote offices has resulted in a surge of collaboration tools. To start, there’s been a lot of “virtual offices”. For voice first offices, you have Lounge and Commons. See what people are working on and jump on quick calls with Tandem or Remotion. Some other virtual offices include TeamFlow, Spot, and Cosmos. Build internal dashboard tools quickly w Retool, Index,, Internal, or Glean. Use Comeet to run video […]

  • Teamwork makes the dream work (Human Resources) 🤝

    Back is a central employee knowledge and management platform. Gather is an HR automation and personalization platform. Workshop is for employee communication. Manage your hybrid workspace with Envoy. There’s a new HR/insurance/payroll-in-one platform called Decent. For recruiting, there’s SeekOut and that uses AI to find and select candidates. Use Suitable to find candidates in your current team’s network. Byteboard is for engineering interviews. For managing the paperwork of remote […]