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  • What’s Hot in Real Estate?

    Traditionally, homes were owned by one entity and used by one family. With fractional ownership and shared usage, this isn’t true anymore. Here are some exciting or interesting startups in the space we’ve come across recently. Starting with ways to buy a home for yourself, there’s ZeroDown to “try before you buy”, and Divvy which is a fancy new […]

  • Collaborate good times come on ♫ 🤝

    The rise of hybrid/remote offices has resulted in a surge of collaboration tools. To start, there’s been a lot of “virtual offices”. For voice first offices, you have Lounge and Commons. See what people are working on and jump on quick calls with Tandem or Remotion. Some other virtual offices include TeamFlow, Spot, and Cosmos. Build internal dashboard tools quickly w Retool, Index,, Internal, or Glean. Use Comeet to run video […]

  • Teamwork makes the dream work (Human Resources) 🤝

    Back is a central employee knowledge and management platform. Gather is an HR automation and personalization platform. Workshop is for employee communication. Manage your hybrid workspace with Envoy. There’s a new HR/insurance/payroll-in-one platform called Decent. For recruiting, there’s SeekOut and that uses AI to find and select candidates. Use Suitable to find candidates in your current team’s network. Byteboard is for engineering interviews. For managing the paperwork of remote […]

  • Here comes the Metaverse 🌎

    The Metaverse is a physically replicated digital world. In the future, we’re imagining a network of worlds where you can jump between with the same avatar, wearing NFTs, and playing games or even working. Crucible, for example, is building a portable digital identity platform for this. Let’s look at some startups building in this ecosystem. For […]

  • 2021 Startup Trends Report

    This article is based on a Tweet thread from a month ago that received 1M impressions. We’ve tracked ~1500 startups (seen 10x more) and talked to 100s of investors in the last year. Here are some of the exciting trends and startups we’ve noticed or come across. It’s a mix of early & late stuff. […]

  • Wild Wild Wealth Management 💰

    Robinhood. WSB/GME. Crypto millionaires. $5M Republic campaigns. Personal wealth management is no longer just for the rich. First thing you notice is that talking about money is no longer gauche. Stock investing is social on, or Finary if you want to connect to your brokerage. Commonstock is similar, but more focused on following top investors over friends. Qoore is a mobile […]

  • Integrate good times, come on 🤝

    I read somewhere that the average company uses 100+ SaaS apps. Regardless of the specific number, it’s a lot. Like water molecules traveling through trees, rivers, and animals, pieces of data flow through these SaaS apps, powered by integrations. As users, we’ve gotten use to these integrations, but they take time to build. This is where […]

  • WTF are NFTs 🖼

    If you’re like me, you were wondering why everyone’s talking about NFTs all of a sudden. TL;DR – it’s momentum and big sales. For me, it was this Daft Punk NFT that sold for ~$24,800 that clicked. This will forever be the first big Daft Punk NFT, and the owner has proof of this and can use […]

  • Dating, Marriage, and Babies 💖💍👶

    First comes love… 💖 Valentine’s is coming up, so let’s start with some dating startups. I shared Monet last month, the dating app where you draw (so Gen Z). XO is where you play mini-games with dates. Lolly looks like Tik Tok, but only for singles. For video dates, check out The League or Filter Off. They both have video speed dating too. So Synced connects people […]

  • Retail & D2C 🛍📦

    The changing face of retail 🛍 2020 hit retail hard, and retail is hitting back (with innovation)! Starting with livestream shopping, you have PopShopLive, ShopShop, and NTWRK to name a few. Hero allows e-commerce store owners to video chat with customers on their site. LiveScale and Playback help brands to schedule and host video shopping events. Glamhive is a virtual stylist service that hosts large scale virtual events […]