We’re building the future of VC (AI Tools)

Happy new year!

As we kick off 2023, we’re leaning into our brand as VCs who don’t just invest, but build – we roll up our sleeves and push innovation forward – for ourselves, the industry, and the ecosystem at large.

We’re only a few days into 2023, and we’ve already generated 3500+ go-to-market strategies for 500+ startup ideas and drafted 50+ investment memos and shared them with founders.

Below is an update on our AI tooling from December.

Our OpenAI x Zapier Integration is now Official ⚡️

Yohei published his unofficial OpenAI for Zapier on Nov 3. A month later, it became an officially supported Zapier integration (announcement)!

If you think about it, this integration gives millions of no-coders previously unavailable access to build with one of the most powerful technologies available today. Talk about impact!

AI Drafted Investment Memos 📝

We toiled by the fireplace to update our AI tooling over the holidays, which can now draft investment memos from a simple URL, description, or pitch deck. We recently generated 50+ investment memos for startups on Twitter in a day, you can see them in the replies here.

The newest feature is auto-identifying similar unicorns, recent acquisitions, and startups from our CRM. Jump to a few specific examples, hereherehere, or here.

To be clear, we’re not simply automating the work we do. We’re asking ourselves new questions: Can we generate an investment memo for every startup in existence? Can we update these memos automatically based on new information? Is this a collaborative memo we use to engage founders?

GTM Strategies 📬

We introduced a GTM strategy tool on Jan 2nd, which generates go-to-market strategies based on a startup description. In 3 days, it has generated 3500+ GTM strategies for over 500 startup ideas. You can try it yourself or share it with founders at gtm.yohei.me.

This is just one of many ways we plan to add value at scale to founders.

Chatbot Experiments 💬

We also built three chat bot prototypes in December:

  • Pitch Mini Yohei: This chatbot asks founders specific questions we would ask on a first call and stores the data in appropriate columns on Airtable. It gets repetitive, but you can test it at pitch.yohei.me. In an early-test, Mini Yohei was simultaneously collecting data from 30 founders.
  • Financial Modeling Mode: This was an experiment to see if we could build a bot that guides founders through building their pro forma cash flow model. Early tests indicate we can, but we’re bumping this build as it’s a bit more complicated than others in our pipeline.
  • Mentor Mode: This chatbot is a mentor, and will help founders with any startup related problems they have. Check it out at mentor.yohei.me.

Building Faster, and Anywhere 🛠

We’re also using AI to build tools that help us build faster. Two tools we introduced this month are our Fuzzy Compiler, which turns rough code or instructions into code, and the Error Analyzer, which can be fed code+error to produce an analysis and corrected code.

Using these tools and Replit’s mobile app, we’re sometimes coding on our phone.

Exploring the “Latent Web” 🌐

We built a tool to glimpse into a possible future where much of what we read is written by AI. We started with the Latent Blog, a blog with no content – it generates everything from blot titles to content on the fly. This evolved into Latent Search, a “search engine” that makes up results and content when you click around. Both tools have the limitations of it’s underlying GPT-3 model, but clicking around (if you get past the slow load times) will give you a glimpse into an alternate internet dimension.

Healing with AI 💕

Sometimes a little rhyme is all you need to feel better after a bad day. Introducing Healing Poetry. Head over to heal.yohei.me anytime to get a custom poem for whatever you’re stressed about.

ICYMI – Past AI Experiments 🧪

All the experiments you see here are from this past month. You can see our past AI experiments from October here, and our November experiments here.






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